Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Bingle

When I was a little girl (yes, back in the dinosaur days as my girls say), there was a local department store called Maison Blanche.

Every Christmas season, Momma & Daddy would bundle us into the car and we'd drive downtown into New Orleans to see the lights, and we would ALWAYS drive down Canal Street past the Maison Blanche store.

Mr. Bingle was the store's mascot...and there was a huge Mr. Bingle on the outside of the store. Mr. Bingle = Maison Blanche, get it????

And Maison Blanche always did it right! There was a song and even a puppet show in the afternoons! It was great growing up with Mr. Bingle!!! Watch this video!

Now, Maison Blanche is gone, Dillard's owns the store. And Mr. Bingle now resides in City Park for their Christmas in the Oaks celebration, but since Katrina, you can only see him on the walking tour.

Even after all these years, Mr. Bingle is alive in many adult hearts around the world. And he has a fan club. Enjoy him!

This is my 2008 Mr. Bingle ornament...I think I have all of them! I'll take some pictures of him once I put him on my Christmas tree.

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