Monday, June 30, 2008

More DC layouts...

Before our family trip to Washington, D.C., I had only heard people talk about how reverent they felt going to Arlington National Cemetery. I now know exactly how they felt. It's so quiet, unlike most of the other places we had gone. I was especially interested in going to Arlington, since the house was Robert E. Lee's family home, and he's an ancestor of mine.

We took the tour, and ended up at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just in time to watch Trace Atkins (I think that's his name) participate in a wreath laying ceremony and film a music video. So quiet, so solemn.

I want to go back...Arlington made a huge impact on me. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to, but I've been told it is not something you see only once.

I cropped these pages...I didn't finish the opposing page matches, but I will. I don't think photographs can portray the reverence you feel when you are walking there.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Creative Frenzy!!!

I got a bee in my bonnet this morning...

I've been cruisin' lots and lots of blogs, seeing how other people craft. I've got more than a dozen that I "stalk", watching what they do and how they do it.

While I've stalked, I've learned...and I've learned a lot. I've been surprising myself at how well I translate their tutorials and videos. This is what I've always wanted to do.

Kristina Werner's Design Blog is one of my absolute favorites. She has Make a Card Monday videos and Color Inspirations. I've done a couple of her cards...not well. I've participated in a few of her Color Inspirations...anh........I don't usually like what I come up with as far as those go either. But I still "stalk" her's GREAT!

Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts is another favorite of mine. I wish I lived closer to her so I could take her workshops. I love what she can do with paper!

I have FINALLY tried to do a couple of her tutorials, and I'm very pleased with the final outcome. This is the giftcard holder she has here.

I love how it came out!!! Perfect for our next door neighbors daughter's!

This morning Dawn had a new video, a gift bag. I think I did a great job on it!

I am learning so much, and I'm really enjoying myself. Thanks so much for helping me to learn!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration #13

Another week, another inspiration challenge.

I don't know where Kristina finds these great color palettes, but I really enjoy the challenge of her color combinations.

I haven't participated in the last 2 or 3, either I was too busy in my "real life", or I just couldn't come up with a card. Sad, huh? Anyway, I love the colors of this week, and I just sat down and came up with this card.

I used the five colors....Purely Pomegranate, Regal Rose, River Rock, Wild Wasabi and Whisper White. My Boho Blossoms punch was perfect for the little flowers. I used the SU stamp set Pretty Amazing for the stems and title, and finished it off with a little Wild Wasabi ribbon. I know I'm missing something, but I couldn't find my stickles to test a little glitter.

It's not the best out there, but I am pretty happy with it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some more "finds"...

I'm on a roll!

I've been finding all kinds of "old" layouts that I completed. Most of them were put in bags and stacks of completed layouts that didn't have pictures. I don't know why I did that.

I thought I'd post a few before I put them away, lol.

Our first day in Washington D.C. was hot and exhausting, but worth every minute. I have to admit to a surge of pride in seeing the nation's capitol for the first time. The Smithsonian Museums are fabulous! We started with the Air and Space Museum that first morning since it was right there by our hotel. My "anal" planning paid off!

I have a lot of other shots, but so far I haven't run across them, lol.

Next we walked through the National Sculpture Garden which wasn't on our map. We thoroughly enjoyed it (plus we could sit down, lol).

When we walked out of the gardens, we we faced with a fabulous view! The National Archives Building and a wonderful fountain! Great picture opportunity! The security people there were wonderful, while being very vigilant. The guard we talked to was sweet enough to take a family portrait!

Then it was off to the Natural History Museum...Hallie and her giraffes . I just don't get it, lol.

I will post a few other pages I did tomorrow. Mia just woke up from her nap and is DEMANDING my attention, lol. Later!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Found pages...

I was going through the stacks of layouts I have done over the last 2+ years and I found some of the first layouts I did of our family trip to Washington DC. I am so glad I found them...I had worked on them while we were evacuated during the aftermath of Katrina. I've always been thankful that I took all my pictures and as many supplies as I could fit when we left.

Anyway, I lost all of my scrapbooks, but none of my completed pages. Those I put in ice chests sealed with duct tape, lol. But I did get really creative (maybe I was inspired) while evacuated, and these are a few of the pages I did.

The apple of my eye...

The song in my heart...
The light of my life...

And a lot of days, my reason for getting out of bed.


She's two, going on 22! ROFL! She's so smart and articulate and ingenious and BAD! She's figured out how to get past the child-proof locks on the cabinets and drawers. I was stunned the first time I walked into my kitchen to find my pots and pans across the floor. She's currently trying to figure out how to open doors, so far she's still a little short to reach AND turn the knob.

And she's such a girly girl...she has purse, shoe, jewelry "collections" already! Right now, she has more shoes than I do! I have 3 daughters, and I don't recall any of them being this "girly".

Lord help us! LOL!