Monday, October 27, 2008

Have you ever...

Have you ever made yourself so miserable in a effort to make someone so happy?

Have you ever hurt yourself to make someone's day better?

This past Saturday, Macy's FINALLY reopened. My middle daughter, Lore, had worked for them for 6 years prior to Hurricane Katrina. Macy's decided to close the 2 (two) stores they had here.

About a year ago, Macy's decided to refurbish the store that Lore had worked in (Esplanade Mall), as well as build a new free-standing store at Lakeside Mall. The grand openings were to be huge events...all those stars that you see on their commercials were here.

Of course, the opening at the Lakeside Mall store was much bigger, and they had most of the stars there. But Esplanade Mall had their share, and I was avoiding the mall like I would the plague, lol.

However, Saturday afternoon, Lore calls me in a total panic. Genevieve and DC of ChooChoo Soul were performing and they had started! Throw Mia in my car and get there!!!

I'm old, and my body creaks, lol. I can't move fast!!! But I did hurry Mia into the car, drive as fast as legally possible and actually found a parking space! I didn't bother with Mia's stroller, instead I grabbed her out of her car seat and carried her into the store as fast as I could. We missed the performance BUT I heard that Genevieve and DC would be out again in a few minutes to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids. So I planted myself in that line, lol.

Mia didn't know why we were there, and I wasn't sure how much her little 2 year old brain could process, but when Genevieve came out, the look on Mia's face was priceless. She got to see her 2 favorite Disney Channel people!

My aching back, sore knee and stiff shoulder didn't bother me, not after I saw how happy Mia was!

I know it's not the best picture BUT Mia doesn't care. It's Choo Choo Soul!

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Mary said...

Wow, how great! They look just like they do on tv!