Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stomach Bug...


I've got the stomach bug! Oh goodness, it's not pretty around here.

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest daughter Hallie's boyfriend brought his 2 kids over (it was his weekend), and his little girl got sick while she was here. I blew it off, kids eat the wrong thing all the time.

Well, I blew it off too soon!

Loretta (daughter #2) got sick Wednesday night, followed closely by Bonnie (daughter #3). I was fine, praying the whole time I wouldn't get it since SOMEONE has to watch Mia (my gorgeous, smart, talented, happy, mischevious) granddaughter.

Thursday night, after a lovely dinner for 3 at a new Chinese restaurant (since the girls don't like it and they HAD to eat broth), I got sick! EUWWWWW! I was miserable! Thank goodness I had already cancelled our July 4th dinner! I slept most of Friday away and a good part of Saturday. Now my back is killing If it's not one thing....

Mel --- watch the boys! I'm apologizing now!

1 comment:

Mel H. said...

OH NOOOO!! I hope you all are on the mend!
So far mine are all fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they stay that way!