Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lifting? Casing? Learning???

We all have our favorite sites that we like to check in on daily...I'm no different.

I'm always updating my sidebar, Blogs That Inspire Me. I want everyone to see these great sites! They have wonderful, creative designs...many with video instructions!

I "stalk" a couple of blogs (okay it's more than a couple, lol) and I really liked this cute! Angie's Stamping Academy did these cards for a birthday...I'm thinking I'll use them for party invitations!

Another blog that I "stalk" is Dawn's Stampin Thoughts. She's so perky and sweet, you can just hear it in her voice! Anyway, today's post was this great "exploding card". I just did the card in cardstock, but even as plain as it is, I love it!

Great cards huh????


Ashley said...

Both are fabulous! I do love those tart and tangy cards, and they would be GREAT invites! So cute! :)

Diane Barnes said...

Your icy poles(that's what we call them in Oz anyway)are super cute. I'll have to try them too! Thanks for sharing. Di

Allison said...

Terrific popsicle cards! And I too want to try Dawn's tutorial...just as soon as I get off my keester!

lindsalita said...

alright, I just might have to start eating paper these are delicious!! thanks for the blog love.

Jaime said...

Your post is too funny.. I actually follow both of those blogs..Love their videos :) I noticed you posted a comment on my blog... so I wanted to answer your question... The paper is an American Crafts paper, "the goods". Hope that helps in your adventure to find it. Thanks again for your kind words on my blog.
Take care - Jaime B.

Angie said...

your cards are darling and they are so much fun to make!!
have a great day!

Mary said...

Yes, very cute cards! I think you're right about the first making a great invitation!

Tegan said...

Super cute!!
Thanks for your cmt over at my blog:)

I hope you check by soon!
Have a creative day ;)

Ashley said...

hi! i think we all lift, case, learn from each other! that is art! we take the idea and make it our own. i really like that popsicle idea - TFS!