Monday, July 28, 2008

Health updates...

My precious, mischevious, BAD granddaughter Mia has finally recovered from the shingles/chicken pox! Not a bump on her! Don't ever think that because your child got the chicken pox vaccine, that will keep them from getting them...NOT TRUE! She's 2!!!

Hallie's kidney infection has finally gone away, and now, she can schedule the surgery on her finger. Somehow, she tore the ligament in her right ring finger, but the surgeon wouldn't operate until her urologist gave her the all clear.

Jerry, poor guy, is going to have a procedure to unblock his bladder, and hopefully, clear up his prostate. So we have several doctor's appointments, lab visits, and pre-registration in preparation for next Monday's surgery.

GEESH! It doesn't end!

For those of ya'll that know him, he's had a hard time of it the last several years. First, there was the angiogram where the cardiologist placed a stent, only to have it "rip" the artery, and have to have ANOTHER angiogram and stent placed.

Fifteen months later, there was the angiogram that led to a quadruple bypass. Talk about a surprise!

Not two years later, after months of suffering with his legs (PAD), during the testing for that treatment, it was found that he had a tumor in his right kidney that turned out to be cancer. So there went the kidney!

Oh, and it doesn't stop there!

After six months or so, the vascular doctor started trying to open his arteries with stents and balloon treatments...which didn't work. We went through that for months. Nothing worked, so in May 2004, he underwent a bypass on his left leg, which didn't work.

So we're sitting there, going back and forth between doctors, when somehow, Jerry fell off an 8ft. ladder and hit his head at work. I remember the phone call vividly to this day. Nineteen days of ICU, not knowing if he would live or die. Nineteen days of crying, praying, and yes, I'll admit it, heavy drinking. Blood thinners, they are wonderous drugs, but when something happens bad, well, they are a curse.

And after bouts of shingles (neurological injuries can trigger the virus), dizzy spells (he'll never lose that) and Katrina (yes we flooded and had to redo the entire house), he's I'd say 80% back. And now this.

So if I'm not posting or anything, don't worry. I'm around getting all my eggs into one basket. And please say a prayer for him.

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Judy said...

Oh Becky, you are really going through a tough time and I do hope your Jerry makes a full recovery.
Thought my husband and I were bad enough with all our health problems at present so it is good to be reminded that others have the same problems. All the best to you (and love your cards).