Monday, December 10, 2007

Do I like it? Do I hate it?

I'm not sure...

You know how you look at some paper, and a layout just jumps into your mind? How the colors, ribbons, and other embellishments just jump in your hand --- and when you put it all together, it looks great?!?!?! Not this page :(

You tell me...I just finished this layout and I'm feeling very blah about it.

Got an idea?


Mo said...

hi becky, i'm not a scrapbooker but my daughter is but she still asks me for help with it at times. May I suggest splitting the whole thing into 3 sections and moving them around the page (perhaps they will turn out to be 3 squares or rectangle shapes when slpit?)- then put a photo onto each piece so that the pattern makes a background, then on the remaining white spaces add your journalling.

The Crafty Chik said...

I just found your blog by following a link off of "Stampin' When I Can". I love your colors! I think once you put your pictures on (layered or with photo corners of some type) you'll like it even more! I just think it needs a bigger element since it's all "little things" right now! I do love it so far though! Good luck with your final decision!