Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Day After...

Birthday presents are always wonderful...especially when they are given with a lot of love. My girls always know what I want, lol. I wonder if that's because I have gotten in the habit of giving huge hints and coming right out and telling my dh Jerry and my girls EXACTLY what I want!

Bonnie and Mia gave me these, a collection of Mardi Gras themed ornaments that Bonnie was sure I would love. And she was right. I guess I'll have to do some kind of Mardi Gras "tree" so I can put them on it.

Lore, bless her heart, pays attention. I have collected ceramic and porcelin New Orleans landmark plaques for the last few years. I have quite a few, but the 2 she gave me were very different, and yet, I love them. When I get them all together, hopefully soon, and I'll put them up on the walls in my kitchen. I "lost" a few when we packed the house up in the Katrina aftermath, and I haven't located the box, yet.

Lore also gave me some really great pajamas from The Loft. Ninety-nine percent of my clothes come from there, why not my PJs?

Hallie, well she's a sharp woman. I had dropped hint after hint, left out my Williams and Sonoma catalogs with the BIG RED circles around the things I wanted. She put 2 and 2 together and got me the set of bowls that I wanted. I love them!

I'm a lucky woman. Now I'm wondering if I can convince the girls to help me clean off my scrapbooking supplies from my dining room table. I'm thinking it can be either an additional birthday gift...or maybe an early Christmas present. Think I have a shot???

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