Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a mess!

As some of ya'll know, we were flooded by our lovely parish officials during Katrina. My house is STILL not back together .

Anyway, my cropping area has been my dining room table ever since. And I have to admit that it's a mess!

I can (and have) cleaned it off to make room for holiday dinners, Stampin' Up workshops, our weekly family dinners. It's a pain in the "you know what" so I have started going through the stacks of stuff...for the umpteenth millionth time, lol.

My cropping room is supposed to be a shed in our backyard...but Jerry hasn't even begun the demolition of the interior. The walls need to come down, the old insulation replaced, a couple of new electrical lines run, not to mention the phone and cable connections, lol. But I can be patient for a little while longer. Hopefully, I won't have to wait much longer.

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