Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day --- late, lol.

I'm not one for pre-planning...actually, that's a total fib. I'm practicing not being so anal, to learn how to roll with the flow, that sort of thing. I usually plan to the nth degree, and I want things symmetrical. I don't know why, I've just always been like that.

Anyway, I hope all you Moms had a great Mother's Day, I know I did.

Hallie bought me a great Coach purse!

Lore bought me a great outfit from The Loft (where she works).

Bonnie bought me the matching wallet to my Coach purse.

Jerry, my darling husband, well what can I say. This Mother's Day was my 29th as a mother, and for 26 of those, I've only gotten presents from my girls. Jerry's argument was that I wasn't "his mother". Of course, when his mom was still alive, I bought her Mother's Day gift, not to mention her birthday and Christmas gifts as well. Mother's Day was a sore point for me. But after his head-first dive off his ladder, and all the months of hospitalization and rehab, he began to rethink his rational, lol. So this year I really racked up!

I had mentioned that I would like a new stereo receiver for Christmas or my birthday later this year. He ACTUALLY listened to me! He's been (shopping and pricing) for weeks and he bought me this! I couldn't get a good picture of the actual unit, but I thought a picture of the box would suffice.

If you notice, there's an iPod dock, so he thought he'd buy me one. But after conferring with the girls, he discovered I didn't want an iPod, because I didn't want one for videos, and that I thought it was a waste of gigabytes.

So, he bought me a MP3 player! ROFL! It has the screen for videos, but the price was right. And the iPod dock isn't wasted, since the girls all have iPods! So it works for everyone.

To make a longer story short, I had a great day. I did have to cook some of my dinner, but Lore (God blessed me with her) did 75% of the work and did 90% of the clean up.

I do hope you and your family had a great Mother's Day!

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