Monday, November 3, 2008

Quiet time...

Last week was wonderful...Jerry and I had our home to ourselves for the first time in 28 years, lol. All 3 of our girls, and our granddaughter, Mia, went to Disney World!

We did some work around the house. We've been trying to finish up all the little projects left after our rebuild from Katrina. It's mostly trimwork that's needed, and we did manage to get a lot of it done. The den is still the room with the most work needed, but getting some of it done was nice.

I refuse to take pictures of the house, it really depresses me that my house isn't finished. Three years is long enough. I worry that Jerry "thinks" that if he finishes, there won't be anything left for him to do, lol. I keep assuring him that is SO not the case!

But for your enjoyment, here are a few pictures from Disney World!

Mia loves Snow White...and Snow White was so happy to see Mia in the same costume as her! Mia isn't crazy about the 7 dwarfs...but she braved their gauntlet to have her picture taken with Snow White.

Pochahantas!!! Mia loves that movie! And she was thrilled to see Pochahantas! The girls had to hold her back in the line, make her wait her turn!

And the Fairy Godmother!!! WOW! They were lucky to find her, most of our friends have trouble finding her.

Everyone was so glad to get home! And Jerry and I had to admit that we missed them, especially Mia. Everyone had a great time!

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