Monday, June 30, 2008

More DC layouts...

Before our family trip to Washington, D.C., I had only heard people talk about how reverent they felt going to Arlington National Cemetery. I now know exactly how they felt. It's so quiet, unlike most of the other places we had gone. I was especially interested in going to Arlington, since the house was Robert E. Lee's family home, and he's an ancestor of mine.

We took the tour, and ended up at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just in time to watch Trace Atkins (I think that's his name) participate in a wreath laying ceremony and film a music video. So quiet, so solemn.

I want to go back...Arlington made a huge impact on me. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to, but I've been told it is not something you see only once.

I cropped these pages...I didn't finish the opposing page matches, but I will. I don't think photographs can portray the reverence you feel when you are walking there.

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